Brutality Over Belgium – South Edition III

Now this French quartet bring to the already broken table a heavy mix of deathcore, slam death metal and beatdown hardcore. A few years ago I completely turned my back on the milked cow that deathcore had become, and did not touch it again until recently when I noticed the genre was being somewhat revived, but in a way that it is now very often mixed with other genres. Human Worms is a band that embodies that change. It’s also one of the reasons I like these guys. I had never heard of them before but they sound really promising. You’ve got your slamming blast beats, some hardcore two-step bits, and floor punching breakdowns. Turns out pig squeals haven’t died out just yet. As was to be expected, this was the gig where the pits hurt the most.

FFO: Chamber Of MaliceThy Art Is Murder, etc.

Thank you Grimmgent !
Check out the full report here

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